Coastal Decor Found In Thrift Stores.


Just like women’s clothing, ladies get tired of the same old décor in their home. I feel that way too because I’ve gone through many interior design phases in my home over the years. There was the Egyptian, a 1950’s look, American Indian stage and let’s not forget the horses and hounds of green and red all over the place.

So I know a little something about ridding the whole house of the newest fad and dropping it all off at Goodwill for someone else to find. As I matured, I realized that their were pieces I wanted to keep and display forever. For me that style is coastal décor–easy, breezy and cozy.

I live on Galveston Island surrounded by the ocean, so a beach scene of whites and blues makes sense. When I  go out “thrifting“, I look for durable long-lasting finds that will stay with me for the rest of my life. On trips across the country I found this brand new recently crocheted afghan in Montana for $20.00. I gave this to a friend for the holidays for her “cottage” style home.igpafghan2

Another trip to central California, and I bought two large plywood whales I repainted to hang on the wall for $5 each. One of my favorite finds was a 18″ tall antique lantern for $8.00, boy did it clean up well.


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