DIY Coastal Watercolors

I can hear you now…”I can’t paint, I can’t draw, I can’t do this project.” NONSENSE, of course you can watercolor. This art form has been around since the dawn of woman. Really. Remember all those cave art paintings with blood, dye and charcoal? Well, that was the beginnings of watercolors.

Crab in the sand

Crab in the sand

I wasn’t always interested in art, in fact I was more interested in chasing after my little boy at the time. I had a full time job, went to college part time and a single mom with a three year old. I was busy, busy, busy. Now I have the time to sketch seashells and paint with swirls of peach and blue.

Seashell at the seashore

Seashell at the seashore

The art is budget friendly. All you need is a small, medium and large brush, watercolor paper, a palette of watercolors and a glass of clean water. The whole thing may cost about $20-$30 dollars.

Voila! You are an artist!

When you get the urge to try your hand at a watercolor, allow about an hour for the project. Start with 8″ by 10″ watercolor paper taped to a flat surface that will get wet. Draw, trace, stencil or copy an image that speaks to you, then use a pencil as an outline.  These watercolors shown took very little time and the frames were purchased at thrift stores for pennies. Get rid of the original artwork and paint or embellish the frames with seaglass, shells, sand with glue or dollar store pebbles. I hope you see how easy this art is to do on a rainy day with your beach treasures surrounding you to place on the frames.

So here is a watercolor that is hanging in my home above the dining table. If you touch the pic it gets a bit larger. Happy painting.

Fantastical Koi in the Sea

Fantastical Koi in the Sea


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