DIY Coastal Beach Signs

I love any excuse to sit and paint. Using acrylics, watercolors or oils doesn’t matter, it is the relaxing task that makes me happy. With the left over boards from my still-in-progress plank flooring, I’ve begun to paint beach signs.

I bought an inexpensive 4″ pack of letters and numbers to use as templates. Home Depot has a wonderful selection of sea inspired spray paints to choose from for painting the boards. I chose a light aqua shade for my front door sign, “Beach Bums Welcome”.

By adding the small dolphin, crab and swirls, I think I captured the essence of living on the gulf coast. Remember to spray paint the sides as well as the plank of wood for the best sign.

Glass beads from the Dollar Tree.

Glass beads from the Dollar Tree.

In the “BEACH” sign, I used large 6″ block letters I found at the Michael’s Store on sale. Using the letters as a template I outlined BEACH and painted the letters with acrylic paint thinned with a small amount of water.

I love bling on my beach signs!

I love bling on my beach signs!

I used a darker background color of aqua with acrylic paint and water to leave the pattern of the wood intact. The BEACH letters were painted white in the same manner. This give a rustic feel to the sign.

Next I added inexpensive beads found at the Dollar Tree in blues and greens. To hang a heavy beach sign I use screw in hooks and put screws into the wall. Since my walls are shiplap (tongue and groove wood) I can hang anything I want, heavy or not. If you have drywall, find a stud to screw into before hanging.

Have fun with your project and let me know if you have any questions or want to share your own experience with beach signs.


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