My mother was an interior designer in Huntington Beach under the name ‘Carriage House Interiors’. I was still in school back then, but I remember coming home late from football games and the entire house of furniture would be switched around. I had lots of bumps and bruises from running into the new and improved decor, but I learned some things too.

Watercolor of seabirds

Watercolor of seabirds

When my mom, Norma, took an assignment, she didn’t turn anyone away. Norma did yachts, mansions, bachelor pads, planes and restaurants.  Living at the beach, each new client wanted a variety of decor’s like nautical, beach pad, hints of the sea or just the colors with few artifacts. Some people like subtle, some people like an entire home filled with special finds from their beach trips.

I like to think some of that rubbed off on me. My mom might not think that any of what she said and did sunk in, but it did. So in my humble way I’m bringing a small percentage of what my mother knew to my blog. I hope you enjoy.



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