Shotgun House Renovation

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One day I’m on the internet looking for a place to retire at the beach and I find some great bargains on Galveston Island, Texas. I’ve been to this island to work at the hospital for a short contract and loved the area. Soooo, with the help of a real estate agent, I buy these two beach houses on the same lot sight unseen. (Agent gave me LOTS of pictures though.) The front home is a 100 year old Shotgun House modeled after the beauties in New Orleans, LA built in the 1920’s. It has wrought iron work around the front patio. Lovely. The home in the back is two stories and was built around the late 1940’s for the daughter of the owner. Both have wooden flooring, but the front home was too damaged by Hurricane Ike to reveal and fix the floor. The pictures show the day I found out that the front house is completely done in shiplap. I was picking at the drywall with my fingers and kept peeling off hunks and found a mix of shiplap and fencing on a kitchen wall. Further picking, (by now I had found my tools and started taking off sheets), and I found tight beautiful shiplap on every wall in the house. OMG! Galveston House06Remember, I had just moved to Galveston and hadn’t unpacked yet. Three months later, I’m finally done ripping the nasty drywall off. You probably don’t want to know about the termite poop that looks like swirls of sand where you have to use a sander. Ten foot ceilings made it a real touch and go for my sanity. Oh, and don’t forget the hundreds of nails that held up the drywall that needed to be pulled out. Of course, one of the most exciting moments is finding the 100 year old wallpaper.Galveston House49 Still, I am certain I have been introduced to every creeping, crawling, spinning, bug in Galveston.