DIY Driftwood Stained Six Inch Plywood Plank Floor

My front Galveston Island beach house is a survivor of Hurricane Ike. With water reaching four feet high on a home that is four feet above ground level that equals eight feet of ocean flooding. This flooding lasted for days and by stripping the 100 year old home down to bare bones, repairs were made over time.

Since the home is double sided six inch shiplap (tongue and groove) the walls dried over time as sturdy as ever. The floors didn’t fair as well and needed to be replaced. The owners before me decided to cover up the rotting floor with carpet. 6-3-15housepics 064I tore out all the old carpeting and got down to the subfloor. The subfloor was really bad in the living-room requiring multiple fixes.

I used Home Depot 7/8″ plywood sheets and had the sheet cut into 6″ planks. The last plank is always less than 6″ because of the saw eating up real estate on each cut. Count on 7 planks per sheet. The last 5.5″ plank should be saved from each sheet of plywood for sides that require less width.

My Home Depot began to cut my plywood for free, then charged me $2.50 per cut after the first two free cuts. This was an extra $12.50 added to my expenses halfway through my project. I would check out the local charges in your area before you commit to an entire house renovation like I did. The 4 X 8 foot sheets cost $23.00 plus cutting fees for 8 planks. You roughly get 32 square feet a sheet, so I paid about a dollar per square foot or less depending on the cutting fees. Not bad for a real hardwood floor.

The tools I used were a jigsaw, measuring tape, 1.5 inch nails specifically designed to stay in wood and not work6-3-15housepics 070 themselves out. You can use screws and I did on parts of the floor that needed extra firm tightness. I used a medium weight hammer and a drill to put in the screws.

By far, this was the easiest floor I’ve ever put down. Measure, cut the plank, nail the plank down. Next. The entire house was done in a week. Most of my time was spent lugging planks back and forth from the Home Depot in my teeny, tiny, Toyota Rav4. I live in Texas, I think it’s time for a damn truck, right?

So let’s talk about the staining process and sealant. I love driftwood and wanted my beach house to reflect a medium gray and white driftwood effect. 6-3-15housepics 059I chose a stain in medium gray and dry-brushed white semigloss acrylic paint after the stain dried. I used a cloth and rubbed the white paint into the stain so none of the brush strokes looked too “placed”.

Some boards are lighter than others naturally and have blotches, knots and grooves. Perfect for the rough-beachy floor look I wanted. When I placed the sealant (I used polyurethane) on the floor, the wood glowed as if it were polished. I couldn’t be more pleased at the results. More pics to come with sealant completed, better lighting and furniture.


Painting, Stenciling, Sticking to Coastal Floors, Cement or Wood

Like most DIY homeowners at the beach or really anywhere, USA, who want a coastal decor, I will fill every possible nook with ocean finds. You give me a corner and I’ll make a vignette of a painted sea green table, shells, a coral fan and ocean watercolor. (I actually paint watercolors).

Side view of Shotgun beach house, Galveston, Texas

Galveston House55So what about the cement patio, the wooden floor under your feet, the lonely wall in the kid’s room?

For the small 8 X 15 cement and wrought iron enclosed patio in the front Shotgun house I want a large compass in aqua blue and yellow/gold. The blue will match the shutters I plan to attach to this 100 year old home and the yellow is to match the color of the house. I have white trim, so I can use that color as the base if I paint the entire cement pad, three stairs and short path to the fence. If you’re not an artist, no problem, stencils and huge stickers are available at every hobby place or online. Not so tough, right?

I want to point out the original gate, dogs on the top and mailbox that will very quickly get a facelift with paint and landscaping. I’ve already planted fuchsia bougainvillea to climb the iron trellis and a gardenia bush near the mailbox. Photos to come soon.

Okay, now let’s talk about the shiplap walls that this home is completely exposed now.octopus (Thanks to my accidentally picking at the drywall when I moved in and finding this gold mine). I fancy an octopus for the painted white wood in my bathroom. A really big blue one! I found this Huge sticker at Amazon for $28.00 and it is less expensive for me to buy the sticker than to paint an art wall. The best part is a waterproof sticker is perfect for a salty sea bathroom.

HINT: When you choose your project, just remember to seal your artwork with polyurethane, a spray sealant or wax if you’re applying to furniture or wood.