Beach Decor Stencil On Kitchen Towels

I love the look and smell of fresh cotton linens. So what could be better than to add stencils that represent ocean sea creatures? Living on an island there is no question that I choose crabs, coral or seahorse to embellish my linens. I stencil with a sponge, latex or fabric paint and I get this look with a pack of bar towels. When I hang the towel, the blue crabs are visible and oh so cute in my kitchen. As a watercolor artist I tried so experimentation with paint and a brush to come up with a more frame-able look. The crab was orange-red this time with blue water. artmermaid 210

Remember, this crab is a stencil I purchased from Etsy. I bought many stencils to make my towels more of a set than all original artwork. The towels are thin and I believe they were $5 at Walmart for eight cotton bar towels. The terry cloth towels with give you a kind of Monet look. What I mean is that when you stand back you can see the crab clearly, but up close there will be missed spots where the paint didn’t hold.

Coral stenciled bar towel.

Coral stenciled bar towel.

Here’s another pic where I put the same coral stencil over the entire towel. I hope you like the results. This project took little time and money. Very budget friendly. My hint is to lay the towels out overnight on a chair back to dry. Wash them on gentle the first time and see how they do. I haven’t had a problem and they seem soft enough for me.

Of course I didn’t just stencil towels…um, I tried my hand on a burlap lampshade too. Er…um, I’ll let you decide if it’s a keeper or not. As a footnote, I did replace this lampshade with a new burlap drum. But if you have children I think this would be a great look. What do you think?artmermaid 184